Post By Email: The Final Month

Update: List completed as of 9/21/13 (plugin version 1.0.4). \^_^/

Draft feature list for the final month of my internship! Finalized as per mentor meeting Tues 8/20.

Remaining Infrastructure Tasks

  • Test with PHP 5.2 and add workarounds as needed
  • Separate admin functions into their own class
  • Finish Core deprecation patch and submit for review
  • Switch to autoloading for Horde dependencies
  • Commit to plugin repository
  • Support wp-cron
  • Better error reporting (save more messages, don’t wp_die, etc.)
  • Verify translation framework is correctly implemented

New Features (ordered by priority)


  • Support IMAP and SSL.
  • Support formatting from HTML emails.
  • Add support for tags/categories/custom taxonomies via shortcode.
  • Improve whitelisting of sender emails.
  • Implement PIN-based authentication (email addresses are easy to guess/spoof).

Nice to Have

  • Support attachments (will be added to the media library for that post and embedded).
  • Support comment reply via email (i.e., filter outgoing mail through the wp-mail function and override the reply-to header). Pushed to a later version (post-internship).
  • Support multisite out of scope

Edited to add: Please do not use the comments section to request support for the plugin. Plugin issues should be reported on the support forum. Thanks!


      1. And I just got it! Thank you very much! Now i won’t fell like a cowboy while testing the plugin! ;)

        You have done an awesome work with this plugin! Keep it up and stay epic Kat!

  1. Hello,
    I like this plugin is perfect for posting on the home page by email.
    My question is, how can I publish directly to other pages?

    Thank you!
    Joaquim (rookie wordpress)

    1. Hi Joaquim,

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. At the moment, the plugin will just create a new post, meaning it will show up on your homepage, as well as on any other applicable pages (category pages, etc.). Are you saying you’d like to create a new Page, instead (i.e. on the left side of the WordPress admin, “Pages” instead of “Posts”)? Or are you saying you’d like the post to show up on a different collection-of-posts page (i.e. category or tag page)? The latter should already happen if you sort it into that taxonomy using the shortcodes.

  2. Hi. Newbie just catching-up. A bit late in the day, sorry.
    Installed the plugin at, & seems to work fine. A couple of poss glitches/tweaks:
    1) My Home page post (via a shortcode) shows a large gap below the title. Not quite sure whats causing this
    2) Although the ‘hourly’ refresh is fine, I get loads of ‘no new mail’ log entries. It would be useful to limit size/number
    3) The std WordPress ‘suggest a random email ID’ was reasonable useful, if only as a reminder for security. Might be worth reintroducing? No biggie.

    If you want me to test any beta, let me know: its a ‘project’ site, so I don’t mind breaking!

    1. Hi, thanks for the comments!

      1) I do see the gap on your page, but I don’t think that’s related to the plugin. Clicking through to the post, it looks fine. What shortcode are you using to put the posts on the homepage? Looking at the page source, the element containing the post title has quite a bit of padding on the bottom, and then there’s an empty paragraph tag before the post content. The post content itself doesn’t seem to have any extraneous whitespace.

      2) A really good point. But on the other hand, it’s good to record how frequently the check happened, right? Maybe what it needs is some way of collapsing those in the log, so they don’t all display by default, but you can click on them to see the details? I’ll have to think about that one. I don’t really want to remove them completely, as I’m then sure to get a bunch of reports that the plugin isn’t doing anything. :)

      3) This was removed intentionally; using a randomly-generated email address is not actually very secure in the first place. If you’re concerned about security, you should be using the new PIN authentication function instead.

      1. Hello Kat,
        thank you for the tip’s, the first link was helpful. I changed the user role to “keine Benutzerrolle” – means: no role – then works fine.
        You should know, the default role in Germany shows “Abonnent” = “Subscriber”. I have not tested this.
        Thank you for the great plugin,

  3. I’m sorry, I made a mistake.
    I send it via formailer and this sent a from address which is not defined as WordPress user. I found out this via “Costum Fields”. Some times was the sender a user, some times not.
    Forget what I told, the plugin is ok – not my brain :-)

  4. got error
    substr() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/content/03/11304303/html/…/wp-content/plugins/post-by-email/include/Horde/Mime/Part.php on line 2148

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